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Simplified interaction with buyers

Tisp21 is software aimed at automatizing various business processes that answer for direct marketing procedures without intermediaries where the seller and the buyer interact with distant means of communication.

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Advance your finance

HGA Gate is the system that lets you consolidate all your payment providers in one interface, and best manage your activity.

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Sell more

Simply put, Adnet is a market place where merchants provide their products and services and advertisers provide their skills to sell these products and services.


We seamlessly integrate with new merchant platforms, e-commerce gateways or various affiliate partnership programs for collecting sales statistics

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About Us

HG Alliance is an IT company that brings together for its clients the
most advanced solutions for modern online businesses. Strategically
located in Andorra with all its benefits of developed legislature and
infrastructure the company is focused primarily on the European market
and market of the UK. For our clients we provide tailor made
solutions in the field of marketing, finance and data protection – the
three pillars of any business.

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